Plants Grown Up [2nd Edition]


Pam Forster

Age: 5 - Adult

Projects and Biblical Character Training for Sons on the Road to Manhood

“That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth…” Psalm 144:12.

Pam Forster says: "One day we noticed that our boys were growing up on us. There was still lots more to teach them about becoming godly men! We realized that we needed goals to aim for and a plan to help us reach those goals. Plants Grown Up is the result.

This 490-page, spiral-bound book offers hundreds of ideas for Bible study projects, reading material, and practical, everyday activities to help train your sons for godly manhood. (Polished Cornerstones contains similar material to use with your daughters.)

  • One copy of this book can be used with all your sons from the time they can memorize simple Bible verses until the day they each get married. (And then they can save it to use with your grandsons!)
  • Each chapter offers a variety of reading, writing, Bible study, and active projects for you to choose from for each of your unique sons.
  • Projects in each chapter are listed in order according to increased difficulty. Start work in each area with young boys, and continue to disciple your sons with increasingly more difficult assignments.
  • Each project is labeled with the school subject it relates to, enabling homeschoolers to easily incorporate projects into their regular school plans.
  • Evaluation questions at the end of each chapter help parents and sons pinpoint weaknesses, discuss areas of improvement, and pray specifically for spiritual growth.
  • Many reproducible charts and forms encourage serious Bible study and self-examination. A CD of printable PDF forms is included for free!
Improvements to the new edition include:
  • Easier-to assign projects (now divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced)
  •  More help with choosing and planning projects, with sample lesson plans and step-by-step instructions
  •  Easier-to-read, updated text and layout Lots more active projects for younger boys ages 4 through 7
  • Addresses new issues like computer and internet usage
  • Up-to-date recommendations for other character-building books and media
  • Insights from 15 more years of parenting experience (our sons are starting their own families now!)
Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Plants Grown Up can help you raise your boys for God’s glory! It is also a great resource for boys’ club ministries, grandparents who want to be more involved with their grandchildren, and counselors seeking practical learning projects for boys.

Bible verses are quoted from the King James Version.

[Spiral-bound, 533 pages, 22cm x 28cm]

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