Life in the Eagle's Nest



Walter is the seventeen-year-old son of a devoted English missionary who has maintained a lonely Indian missionary outpost on the Afghan border for many years. Walter's father has just died and left him alone, penniless, and with precious little education.

With no other prospects, Walter agrees to serve as guide and interpreter for a rich Irish adventurer who wishes to make a perilous trip into the lawless and ruthless territory of Afghanistan. Walter understands the utter danger, and commends his future to God. What his boss sees as opportunity for gain in this world, Walter prays will be turned into gain in the next.

When they are captured by a wild Afghan tribe, life-impacting decisions must be made, and many questions arise. Will this life or the next be chosen? Can Walter commend his God to these pagans? Will he or his Irish employer even live to see next week, let alone live to ever see another European face? How does a Christian face these questions? An interesting read.

[Softcover, 174 pages]

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