Home Economics for Homeschoolers, Level 3

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Level 3, Ages 10 and up.

Scriptural encouragement is given for girls to learn simple tasks such as steaming or stir-frying vegetables, sewing straight lines, ironing, cleaning a bathroom & kitchen, and more. Recipes and practical tips are provided for nutrition, cooking, baking, ironing & sewing, cleaning, and hospitality.

This once-a-week, easy-to-follow curriculum makes sure that children will have all the skills they will need when they embark on their own wonderful adventure in homemaking!

Each of the following have weekly recipes and tasks to complete.† These are simply the titles of the chapters:

Week One - Nutrition

Week Two - Nutrition: Why Overweight?

Week Three - Nutrition: Why Underweight?

Week Four - Cooking: Choosing Healthy Vegetables

Week Five - Cooking: How to Pick Fruit

Week Six - Cooking: Learning to Steam Veggies

Week Seven - Cooking: What is Sauteing?

Week Eight - Cooking: Healthy Stir-Frying.

Week Nine - Cooking: Healthy Substitutions

Week Ten - Cooking: Making Healthy Desserts

Week Eleven - Baking: How to Choose Snacks

Week Twelve - Baking: Homemade Breakfast

Week Thirteen - Baking: Perfecting Sweet Breads

Week Fourteen - Baking: What About Bread?

Week Fifteen - Baking: Thereís More to Dough!

Week Sixteen - Baking: Letís Shape Up!

Week Seventeen - Baking: Making Energy Bars

Week Eighteen - Ironing: How to Iron a Shirt

Week Nineteen - Sewing: Perfect Edges

Week Twenty - Sewing: Your Very First Skirt

Week Twenty-One - Sewing: How to Read Your Pattern

Week Twenty-Two - Sewing: Laying Out Your Pattern

Week Twenty-Three - Sewing: Sewing Safety

Week Twenty-Four - Cleaning: How to Clean the Bathroom

Week Twenty-Five - Cleaning: How to Clean the Kitchen

Week Twenty-Six - Cleaning: Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Week Twenty-Seven - Organizing: Organizing the Kitchen

Week Twenty-Eight - Hospitality: What to Do When you have Surprise Company

Week Twenty-Nine - Hospitality: Hosting a Celebration for Others

Week Thirty - Level Review

[Softcover, 127 pages]

Previously published as Home Economics for Home Schoolers Part 3.

Anne White, great-grandmother, homemaker for over 65 years, and master chef (in that order!), has helped to put this Home Economics curriculum together. We are sure that you will enjoy Anne's invaluable knowledge and the wonderful simplicity of weekly lessons as you join us in this journey of preparation in the quiet arts... the home skills.


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