God Is Good Series Complete Set of 9 Books

Available from Light Educational Ministries in Canberra at:
Code: 31200

Mrs James Swartzentruber

This wonderful little series is designed to give constructive reading practice to young phonics students, who should be able to read them independently. Instructions for the teacher are included in each book.

They are sweet and wholesome stories of children learning about Godís wonderful creation through everyday incidents in their lives. Our children loved to read these over and over, and also enjoyed carefully coloring the pictures on each page.
  1. The Egg and the Chick [20 pages]
  2. The Squirrel and the Nut [36 pages]
  3. God Makes Seeds That Grow [23 pages]
  4. God Made the Animals [29 pages]
  5. God Made Me [31 pages]
  6. God Made Us [31 pages]
  7. We Should Be Thankful [33 pages]
  8. God Made the Opossum [31 pages]
  9. God Made the Firefly [24 pages]

[Softcover, 20-36 pages each, 13.5cm x 21cm]

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