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Kevin Currell

About "Essential Bible Insights: A Study of Manners & Customs of Bible Times"

A beautifully produced, quality hard cover book with over 600 illuminating images, Essential Bible Insights will change the way you see your Bible. Easy to read, but full of deep insights, it brings the Scriptures to life vividly and accurately - a book for every Christian!

How could four men get their mate - in a bed - up onto the roof of a house and then make a hole in it to lower him down? Why did Jesus claiming to be the Bread of Life have such a dramatic impact upon His hearers? Was John really laying with his head on Jesus' chest at the Last Supper? In this book, these and hundreds of other puzzling questions are clearly and sensibly answered through cultural and practical insights that reveal what life was like in Bible times.

Meet the Author

Kevin Currell

Kevin Currell is the Principal of Victoria Baptist Bible College, Melbourne, Australia. He has been studying the subject of Manners and Customs - what life was like in Bible times - for almost 40 years and has been teaching it in Bible Colleges and churches around the world for almost 30 years. He takes groups to Israel to learn first-hand in the very setting where it all took place. His great burden is that believers would stop unknowingly reading their own manners and customs into Scripture and, instead, allow the Word to accurately come to life through a knowledge of essential Bible insights.  Kevin has been a personal friend of ours for over 37 years, and we are delighted to share this excellent book with you, written by an Aussie!

[Hardcover, 351 pages]

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