Say Unto Wisdom: Restroring Biblical Relationships


Joseph Stephen

When humanistic education and mass media dominate the shaping of our consciousness from infancy, the result is a society that thinks and relates very differently to Godís design. Many Christian families look no different to their worldly contemporaries because we are products of this mass production factory rather than the fruit of Biblical discipleship. Since the church is full of such families, we often perpetuate humanistic social engineering rather than the good fruit of God's wisdom. Hence the problem is exacerbated.

The older generation may remember a time when respect and honour were part of our social vocabulary, but this generation only ever hears the word "equality". Is this equality the answer to societyís ills? Or is it the cause of its unravelling?

Rediscover far deeper and richer relationships as you learn to build Biblical bonds in your family and local church according to God's timeless wisdom. After all, God created relationships, and He is the only expert worth consulting when it comes to seeking their success.

Softcover, 119 pages

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