Grade 7 Bible: God Visits His Chosen Family SET NEW


This brand new set includes:

Teacher's Manual [Softcover, 271 pages]

Student Workbook [Softcover, 246 pages]

Test Booklet [17 pages] 6 tear-out chapter tests & final test

Grade 7 begins a survey of New Testament history, covering the events of Jesus' earthly ministry and the beginning of the New Testament church. The pupil studies the sequence of Jesus' birth, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension, comparing the four Gospel records to better understand the overall picture. Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament take on new meaning as the pupil considers the significance of Jesus' life and teaching. He learns how the church began and how God worked though His people to spread the Gospel "into all the world."

The Bible is the pupil's textbook. The workbook guides the pupil through the study of the Bible as he looks up verses and then answers the questions. A variety of question types include multiple choice and filling in the blanks. There are also time line studies and vocabulary exercises involving the less-familiar Bible words. Most of the lessons include a section entitled "Learn More About Bible Times," in which the pupil studies people and geography of that era.

The pupil's book has 30 lessons divided into 6 chapters, a review for each chapter, and a final review. A test for each chapter and a final test are available in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets.

The teacher's manual has a reduced copy of the pupil's workbook with the answers filled in. Oral reviews, main points, and other notes to the teacher are in the margins.

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