Preschool GHI Series: Going On Eagerly


This is the first book in the new Preschool G-H-I Series that is being developed. This series will extend the present Preschool A-B-C Series. When completed, it will provide six more books to help build a good scholastic foundation for the preschool child.

This new series uses a specific geographical region as a theme for each book, giving the added advantage of teaching geographical awareness by association, along with an awareness of God as the Creator.

Building a good foundation for our children's education is important. But still more important is building a solid foundation for their spiritual welfare. These books are designed to help in preparing the child for a good education from a Scriptural perspective. However, it is still the parents' responsibility to guide the child in the way of truth.

Going On Eagerly, with a polar theme, gives a basic introduction to the series. Exercises include using eight colors, working with four basic shapes, writing and counting with numbers 0 through 10, identifying sequence, drawing missing parts and simple pictures.

Teaching Aims:
  • Practice neatness and carefulness in use and care of books
  • Follow directions such as coloring, tracing, writing, drawing, counting, matching, cutting, pasting
  • Identify and use eight basic colors
  • Identify and work with circles, squares, triangles, rectangles
  • Practice counting and writing numbers 0 through 10
  • Practice writing child's name. Identify sequence of shapes and pictures
  • Match parts to complete shapes
  • Draw missing parts of designs and pictures
  • Draw shapes and simple pictures by adding to shapes
  • Learn about polar regions, around the North and South Poles
    • Temperatures are very cold with much snow and ice
    • Penguins live near the South Pole
    • Polar bears and walruses live near the North Pole
    • Many birds and animals live in the cold northern tundra
[Softcover, 64 pages, 21cm x 26.5cm]

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