Preschool ABC Series: Finding the Answers


Finding the Answers develops thinking skills through hearing rhymes, identifying sequence, understanding sentence meanings, making comparisons and associations.

Teaching Aims:
  • Practice neatness and carefulness in work habits
  • Assume personal responsibility for himself, for his belongings, and for small jobs
  • Follow directions of cutting, pasting, coloring, tracing, drawing, writing, circling, underlining, crossing out, matching, and counting
  • Consider the senses of touch, taste, sight, and hearing
  • Discriminate printed letters, words, and numbers
  • Hear rhyming words
  • Listen to and follow multiple directions
  • Understand short stories and sentences using verbs, adverbs, and prepositions
  • Identify simply analogies comparisons, and group associations
  • Find supplies needed to make things, to use things, and to repair things
[Softcover, 64 pages, 21cm x 26.5cm]

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