Preschool GHI Series: Just Thinking and Choosing


Just Thinking and Choosing has a mountain theme.

Teaching Aims:
  • Practice neatness and carefulness in use and care of books
  • Exercise thinking and choosing skills with cutting, pasting, coloring, tracing, writing, matching, counting, and drawing
  • Review the five simple shapes and introduce the oval shape
  • Write numbers 0 through 12
  • Count and identify numbers 0 to 30
  • Introduce counting with ordinal numbers from first to sixth
  • Identify opposites such as in and out, on and off, large and small
  • Practice helpfulness and tidiness in daily jobs, health, and safety
  • Recognize sequence of repeated shapes and pictures
  • Find the order of happening for story pictures
  • Understand use of objects, group similarities, and analogies
  • Learn about God's provisions in the mountains of the world
    • God cares for friends in the highlands of Guatemala
    • Many animals live in mountains of North America and Asia
    • Giant pandas, snow leopards, and yaks live in mountains of Asia
    • Llamas live in mountains of South America
[Softcover, 64 pages, 21cm x 26.5cm]

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