Ruth Erskine's Crosses - LAST ONE


Isabella Alden (Pansy)


This excellent book features Ruth Erskine from Four Girls at Chautauqua. You will remember that Ruth is a proud girl of some wealth, and when an unplanned event occurs in her life, which turns her life upside down, she is left not knowing how to handle it, or what course of action to take. Through this trial, she begins to learn how shallow a Christian she actually is. She prays for wisdom and grace, yet she rises from her knees, feeling better that she has prayed, but no change has taken place in her heart. She is still the same Ruth after an hour on her knees.

In the meantime, there is a new person in her life, Susan, whom Ruth looks down upon. She is a "real" Christian with love and power. The reader can easily see the difference.

Ruth thoughtlessly marries a man who is not a Christian thinking it will all work out. It doesn't. Ruth is striving to be a Christian, and yet failing each day. She desires to be a loving wife and mother with a good testimony, but all too often, her words express only shallow self-righteousness. Instead of drawing others closer to Christ, she turns them away.

If we, for a few moments, put our own thoughts under the microscope, we might be amazed just how self-righteous we are or how much pride we have in who we are, how we live, what our standards are, etc. It is no wonder others do not see more of Jesus in us! This book will challenge you. If you still have teenage girls at home, you might have them write an essay after each chapter on what they learned. This book will provide excellent thought for discussion.

[Softcover, 296 pages]

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