Wise and Otherwise - LAST ONE


Isabella Alden (Pansy)


Age: Adult

In this volume we meet again the characters from Ester Reid, Julia Reid, and The King's Daughter. In each book Isabella Alden has a definite lesson to teach, and this one is such an important one--to completely rid one's self of self!

When we are filled with self, we are so positive we are right, our way is so absolutely correct, that we cannot evaluate the valuable input of others. We cannot even know that God is trying to reach us and teach us because we already know.

The pastor of the church in this story does immeasurable harm to his people and to himself when he is blinded by self and pride. After a tragedy he comes to realize, "It is all a blank! . . .I don't know where to turn . . . and yet, I am a Christian. I surely am a Christian. I cannot have been preaching the gospel for so many years and know nothing about it. Oh, God, have mercy on me! . . . I have no prop to lean on--nothing but blackness." This man was so full of pride and self, that even as a pastor, he never realized that he did not know God.

This book shows how little pride it actually takes to distort our views and thinking. If we are not careful, it is possible we could find ourselves heading down the same path.

[Softcover, 266 pages]

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