The Martyr of the Catacombs



Marcellus, a young Roman soldier, eagerly examined the scroll from the emperor. It appointed him to a higher grade, and commissioned him to search out and arrest the Christians in their hiding places, mentioning particularly the catacombs. Finding the task unpleasant, he nevertheless obeys. But as he learns more of these Christians, he becomes more convinced that they have the truth.

Tension mounts as persecutor becomes the persecuted. This meant not only the loss of job, money, and friends, but also giving up life in the fresh air for the life of an outcast in the dark, damp, underground catacombs. These brave Christians knew their lives would eventually end as a sacrifice to God in the Coliseum, for the entertainment of the Romans.

Can also be useful as a resource for studies on the early Christians or ancient Rome. Not recommended for younger children due to the nature of these dear saintsí deaths.

[Softcover, 153 pages, 11cm x 18cm]

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