Courtship Series 3: Journey of the Heart


Jeannie M. Castleberry

Written by the Castleberry's
23-year-old daughter, Jeannie, Journey of the Heart is the long-awaited story of Janet McLean. Janet, now twenty-two years old, has matured and grown in the Lord. She has many longings, struggles, and questions that she must face with the help of the Lord and her parents. Will anyone ever want to court her? How should she handle her desires for a husband and family of her own? When she finds herself attracted to a young man, what should she do? This is an account of a young woman who is still waiting on the Lord.

[Softcover, 154 pages]

“I can so clearly sense the godliness in the way it was written. I loved reading it because of the way that Janet has a devoted heart to God but yet is so human at the same time. It was so easy to relate to her - it was like her thought process was my own!” Pennsylvania

These books are written to encourage those who intend to follow a Biblically-based courtship that includes the active involvement of parents. The main characters are committed followers of Jesus Christ, and Christian family values are emphasized throughout. The reader will be encouraged to heed parental advice and to live in obedience to the Lord.

The books can be read individually and in any order, but we are providing a recommended reading order for those who wish to read the McLean books in chronological order. The courtship books were primarily written to be read by young women of about ages 13 to 17, to help them establish their own standards and patterns of thinking for godly relationships in the future. Young men are also welcome to read them, although the girls are usually most interested in them. Sometimes the books are used as read-aloud to the family time by our customers.

These books can be used to begin discussions of your own family’s thoughts and plans for handling the time of life in which young men and women begin searching for a godly spouse. The Waiting for Her Isaac book is about a totally different family and situation than the three books about the McLean family.

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