A Home at Last (True Story)


Marilyn Friesen

Age: 10-Adult

Little Suzanna Redekopp gazed forlornly out of the orphanage window.  What was it about that train whistle that made her weep and long for Mamma?  Where was Mamma now?  And Daddy? 

The year is 1943.  Daddy’s been gone for as long as the children can remember.   After he was taken by Stalin’s soldiers, Mamma flees to Germany with her two precious children.  There they find refuge with a farmer, before being captured and hauled back to Russia.  Amidst the anguish of war, God is watching over one small family. 

Follow this miraculously amazing story of faith and providence, of Menno and his little sister.

[Softcover, 160 pages, 13.5 x 19.5cm]

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