Farm Mystery Series: 08.Lights Out!


Mr and Mrs Stephen Castleberry

There are new mysteries at the Nelson farm, as well as lots of fun. Lights go out and come back on, Mum keeps playing with flashlights and candles, and Cathy does a short disappearing act. Is Andy sleepwalking again? Why is there water on the bedroom floor at midnight? Who’s going to win the contests they’ve come up with? And will Grandad ever find his way out of that maze? To find out the answers, you’ll have to read Lights Out!

Join Jason and Andy as they try to solve the mysterious happenings on the Nelson family's farm. These are books that the whole family will enjoy. In fact, many have used them as read-aloud-to-the-family books. Parents can be assured that there are no murders or other objectionable elements in these books. The boys learn lessons in obedience and responsibility while having lots of fun. There are no worldly situations or language, and no boy-girl relationships. Just happy and wholesome Christian family life, with lots of everyday adventure woven in.

Although the books can be read individually and in any order, we are providing a recommended reading order for those who wish to read all the books in the series.

A comment to the Castleberrys from a satisfied reader: “My brother (age 9) and I (age 12) love reading your Farm Mystery Series. I enjoy the excitement and suspense. I can’t stop reading them – I can’t put them down. There are lots of reasons I like them so much. Some reasons are they aren’t creepy (like some mystery books are), they aren’t rude, or worldly. Most of all the biggest reason is they are written about a Christian home!” New York

[Softcover, 170 pages]

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