Ivan Series: 6. Ivan and the American Journey


Myrna Grant

Ivan can't believe it. He didn't think anyone would allow a Christian to win the prize, but he won the All-Moscow History prize. He will get the chance to travel to America but the journey is full of adventure and intrigue.

Once again Ivan has to face up to danger and the Secret police. He has heard of people who wish to escape from the Soviet Union and defect to the West and he comes face to face with a defector. Should he help or should he just walk away? Aren't Christians supposed to help everybody? Ivan has some difficult issues to tackle and some nerve-wracking decisions to make. Will Ivan tell the authorities about his friend or will he help them even if it means risking his own life?

Highly recommended, these stories about Ivan and his family are ideal for children aged 9 to 12 years.

[Softcover, 144 pages]

Originally published about 30 years ago, the author of this series of books is recognized for her deep knowledge of the suffering church under communistic rule. The plight of Christians behind what was then called the Iron Curtain was a great concern to Myrna Grant, and she wrote many novels describing the daily lives of these suffering saints. The Ivan series was designed to give children a glimpse of what it meant to be a believer under such terrifying conditions where secrecy, fear of discovery, interrogations, and the injustice of a communist/atheistic society were a part of everyday living.

These six books introduce a different culture and historical period, yet Ivan and his sister Katya face some of the same struggles all children face. Do they want to please God more than man? Do they believe God can keep them safe? Do they believe in His sovereignty? The Gospel is explained in simple language, and scripture is woven throughout the books in a natural, not contrived, manner.

Circumstances in Russia have changed in 30 years, yet communistic oppression, regardless of the country, remains the same. If your children enjoy action-packed historical fiction, and you want them to read books that reinforce your Christian values, you will both be happy with the Ivan series.

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