Write Upon My Heart: Charity Character Book


If, when I see others in need, I look the other way,
If, when I hear a plea for help, I close my ears,
If I am quick to talk about my needs, my things, and all I want,
If I look down on others because of their lack,
I know nothing yet of charity.

Most people think that charity is just another word for love, but that is not exactly so. Charity has a different definition than love, especially in old dictionaries written at a time closer to when the English word came into use. Though the definition of love would include charity, charity is a specific aspect of love involving good will toward others. Charity is an attitude. It is giving from a completely willing heart, full of sincere brotherly love toward all others. Charity means actively loving others, really loving them from our hearts, and with our hands, and with our money and/or resources.

Another word for charity, which is no longer used, but was used in the times of Jesus, was the word ďalms.Ē Alms means something given freely to the poor such as money or food. Charity is a heart with alms always in readiness.

According to Godís Word, to have charity is very important, because to not have it means pretty much that all I may do in life is worthless. We are plainly told in Godís Word in the book of Colossians ďAnd above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.Ē So letís get busy and begin this very important study on charity!

This character booklet contains:
  • Scriptures regarding the trait to be learned
  • Bible examples of the trait
  • How Jesus lived the trait in His earthly life
  • Practical lessons on the trait
  • Instructions in developing the trait
  • Stories centering on the trait
  • Poems involving the trait
  • Practical applications and more!
  • Plus a thirty-day journal to schedule and record oneís progress
Great tool for family devotions!

[Softcover, 68 pages, 17cm x 20cm]

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