Home Economics for Homeschoolers, Level 1

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Ages 6 and up, Level 1

Introduce your daughters to the basics of homemaking: cooking, baking, cleaning, and organizing!

This level 1 book goes step by step through peeling vegetables, making a salad, vacuuming, dusting, beginning stitches, organizing drawers, organizing a bookshelf, and other basic skills.

Sweet illustrations accompany each topic, and provide a visual guide to some of the multi-step instructions. A short review (with referenced page numbers) completes this level.† Each of the following have weekly recipes and tasks to complete.† These are simply the titles:

Week One - Nutrition

Week Two - Cooking: Learning to Peel

Week Three - Cooking: Using the Toaster

Week Four - Cooking: Cooking with Eggs

Week Five - Cooking: Using the Stove

Week Six - Cooking: Learning about Salads

Week Seven - Cooking: Cooking your First Hot Meal

Week Eight - Cooking: Beginning Garnishing

Week Nine - Baking: Introducing the Oven

Week Ten - Baking: Following Directions

Week Eleven - Baking: Beginning Coating

Week Twelve - Baking: Using the Pastry Cutter

Week Thirteen - Baking: Using the Rolling Pin

Week Fourteen - Baking: Intro to Sifting

Week Fifteen - Baking: Baking and Cooking a Meal

Week Sixteen - Baking: Learning to Use a Grater

Week Seventeen - Cleaning: Using a Vacuum

Week Eighteen - Cleaning: Learning to Dust

Week Nineteen - Cleaning: How to Sweep Properly

Week Twenty - Cleaning: How to Wash the Dishes

Week Twenty-One - Cleaning: How to Make a Bed

Week Twenty-Two - Sewing: Learning to Stitch

Week Twenty-Three - Sewing: Backwards & Forwards

Week Twenty-Four - Sewing: Cutting a Pattern

Week Twenty-Five - Sewing: Sewing on Applique (Patterns)

Week Twenty-Six - Organizing: What is Organization?

Week Twenty-Seven - Organization: How to Organize a Closet

Week Twenty-Eight - Organization: Organizing the Bookshelf

Week Twenty-Nine - Hospitality: Itís Time for Company!

Week Thirty - Reviewing Level One

[Softcover, 128 pages]

Also known as Home Economics for Homeschoolers Part 1

Anne White, great-grandmother, homemaker for over 65 years, and master chef (in that order!), has helped to put this Home Economics curriculum together. We are sure that you will enjoy Anne's invaluable knowledge and the wonderful simplicity of weekly lessons as you join us in this journey of preparation in the quiet arts... the home skills.

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