Lessons in Responsibility for Boys, Level 1

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Ages 6-8, Level 1

Responsibility is a life-long trait that's even more appreciated as children grow older! Encouraging young boys to love the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and to be responsible to God before all else, is the main goal of The Christian Gentleman's Series.

This once-a-week curriculum gently leads young boys in the area of responsibility.  Duties such as making beds, cleaning up after themselves, hygiene, family relationships, and much more are covered in segments.

Each week features:
  • an illustration
  • Bible verse
  • thematic lesson in large-print font
  • a task to be completed and reviewed with parental oversight.
Lessons are broken down so as to not be overwhelming, and provide a chance for young boys to think about each element of godly responsibility.

[Softcover, 144 pages]

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