Ages 7-12: Proverbs People Curriculum Set NEW!!!


Marilyn Boyer

Proverbs People Curriculum features 

  • Proverbs People Books I and II, books the Boyers wrote for training their own 14 children to apply what they read in God's Word to their own lives in a practical way.  
  • In addition, it includes Proverbs People flashcards, for aiding in memorization, providing two Bible verses for each character type presented in the Proverbs People workbooks. 
  • The collection also features the 5-cd set, Uncle Rick Reads the Proverbs which he recorded for his own children. Your children will hear Uncle Rick read and explain the entire book of Proverbs.  The Boyers have seen their own children and heard of thousands of others who have memorized God`s word effortlessly just by listening and enjoying doing so! Your children will learn from this set of CD's valuable Scriptures as you play them at bedtime or travel time. As adults, those Scriptures will not return void, but will come back to guide them in situations they face in life! (The Boyers claim this was one of the most effective methods used to raise offspring with a Biblical worldview - with God's Word hidden in their hearts) 

Proverbs People 1 and 2 are chock-full of short-answer questions, example stories, fun quizzes, application questions, and coloring pages teaching the types of people found in the Book of Proverbs and provides practical information for how to deal with those people. Your child may even find himself represented, as in slothful/diligent, finding what God says happens when one persists in the wrong behavior and God's blessings on the righteous.     

  • Proverbs People Book 1 teaches the following character qualities:
    • Righteous/Wicked
    • The Five Fools - (for instance, one type of fool, we are to teach and another we are to have nothing to do with)
    • The Prudent Man
    • The Wise Man
    • Liar/Faithful Witness
  • Proverbs People Book 2 teaches the following character traits: 
    • Virtuous Woman vs. Contentious Woman
    • Fearful vs. Trusting
    • Angry Man vs. Patient Man
    • Content vs. Covetous
    • Proud vs. Humble
    • Cruel vs. Merciful
    • Flatterer vs. Honest

Help your child experience the power of Scripture through character study and reinforced listening as well!

If done with multiple children, you may want to purchase additional workbooks for each. Flashcards and CD`s can be shared.

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